Fernanda Torre

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Mangas de Colete

Client: [up]arte editorial group   Date: 2006

The publication Mangas de Colete (Waistcoat Sleeve Notebooks) was made by the editorial group [up] arte. These experimental editions set the structure for the number 4 of [up]arte publication.

 Each number of Mangas de Colete was made under a theme, showcasing a variety of disciplines and ideological opinions about the theme.

Number 0 consisted only of editorials. All this editorials pointed out thematic possibilities for the next numbers. Between the editorials of the number 0, two of them were chosen to be the theme for number 1.

The number 1 edition had the theme: «Pão pão, Queijo, queijo» by Sara Pera ( Bread bread, Cheese cheese popular expression that points out the need to separate situations in life) and the text: «Definhação de Campo ou Pêndulo de Maniqueu» by Marta Bernardes.

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