Fernanda Torre

Forecasting the Experience of Opera

Forecasting the Experience of Opera was a strategic partnership between the New York City Opera,the Experience Design Group at Konstfack, R1 KTH Experimental Performance Space, the Operahögskolan, and the Stockholm School for Entrepreneurship.

Forecasting the Experience of Opera - Experience Design Group Projects from Fernanda Torre on Vimeo.

Our project was based on the idea that it's possible to have bigger attendance to Opera if there is an investment in empathy with the audience. We understood that an Opera doesn't have to start and end in a specific time but rather we explored the boundaries of time and space. In this case it started in the metro in Stockholm.

As a principle, the operatic experience could start even many days before the actual performance, as a ritual of preparation for the climax. The audience would receive in their homes or work small hints and clues, like for example a rhythm or a melody, a hint of what would be about to happen. The action would start before in people's minds and in the same way it could also be extended after the performance.

Another trend we spotted was the implementation of a site specific approach. The idea is that by using new video-conference technologies you can have singer in another location. This way there could even be duet between two singers in two different locations in the world.


This project was in collaboration with the designer Sarin Tasnathepgamol and the tenor Daniel Ralphsson

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