Fernanda Torre

Nobel NightCap 2010

The Nobel Night Cap is the grand after party of the Nobel Prize Banquet; held yearly in Stockholm it is a themed night of spectacular prestige with eating, drinking and celebration in excess. In 2010 members of The Experience Design Group collaborated with the organizing body (Handels) to bring transient and intangible moments of experience to the fairy-tale themed event.

Laying a journey of unexpected experiences before the guests, we sew an invisible thread through the evening and into the night beyond. Each guests experience became their own and every passer-by, a playing in their intricate game. 

The Experience Design students worked on several projects and on an event guide book. The book entitled "Journeys of Within and Without", that was coordinated by me and written by imaginary character of Desiderius Manitius (after Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus and Aldus Pius Manutius). This book guided the guests on a magic journey through the party and into the projects of the Experience Design students. The book was printed both in red and in green and each book had also a red or green filter. By using the filter on top of the text you could read one or the other colored text. 

The spacial version of this game had gigantic messages and quotes from the fairy tales, containing small clues to guide the guest further. When the light of the space was red you could read the green text and when the light was green you could read the red text.

Nobel Night Cap 2010 from Experience Design Group on Vimeo.


Collaboration between Nandi Nobell, Sarin Tasnathepgamol, Fernanda Torre and Emma Rose Metcalfe. 

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