Fernanda Torre

Big Nose Who Knows

In the experience The Big Nose Who Knows a small group of four individuals experience together a change in their behaviour in order to assume a radical new submissive or oppressive role towards the rest of the group.

The participants were lured to participate by a promoter of the event and introduced to the rules of the experience. They were then given a set of papers with the rules/roles they had to play and introduced into the transformative space and their masks. The roles start with a memory where each participants recall a bad experience in their lives, as more rules are presented, the participant is given a new role: submissive or oppressor. As the experience grows the roles become more and more extreme until the experience is finally over. This experience has a strong psychological framing as through the experience the subjects are lead to question their own behaviours in normal life.

This experience had its premiere in the Authenticity Experience Design exhibition in Konstfack in the Spring of 2012 and was repeated on again on the opening of the psychology centre Laboratório de Psicologia de Barcelos in Portugal.

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