Fernanda Torre

Design Talks Business in Poland

I was a keynote speaker in the “Design Talks Business” conference, part of the official program of the Gdynia Design Days 2018, which took place in Gdynia (Poland) on the 13th of July 2018.

My presentation addressed one of the most acute current challenges of Innovation Management – low productivity in R&D – and presented Experience Design as a potential fix for this challenge. “-Innovation has never been easy, but it’ s getting harder”, stated Fernanda Torre during her talk, to continue explaining that a longstanding drop in R&D productivity has made innovation increasingly more expensive and resource intensive. According to work for researchers like Robert J. Gordon and Nicholas Bloom, the number of researchers required today to achieve the exponential growth from Moore’ s Law* is more than 18 times larger than the number required in the early 1970s, in other words: the low hanging fruit in technology-innovation has been harvested and innovation managers face serious challenges generating new value based in new technology and basic research.

As big ideas are getting harder to find, companies are struggling to deliver value, however, as by explained Fernanda Torre, a relatively untapped source of value is waiting to be seized: experiences. As clarified during the talk, Experience design, the design of intangibles over time, allows for the generation of customer-centric value and grants the premiumization of offerings. Furthermore, Experience Design unlocks en empathic relation with the customer, which has been proven to have a long-lasting impact on customer retention. To Fernanda Torre, all this value can be generated without the need to waste natural resources intangible products, but rather focusing on human-centric sources of value.

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