Fernanda Torre

Me in the Financial Times

My opinion on "Is Paris the next start-up hotspot?" article was published in the Financial Times under the segment "MBA view"  where business school students discussed what it takes for Paris to become Europe‚Äôs tech hub.

My published opinion was: "Isolated country-specific investments in tech are not likely to dent the path of progress from Chinese or North American technology firms. The European hope may lie in strategic investments in specialised technologies. Rather than having Paris or any other city as the hottest tech capital, a much more interesting exercise for European leaders would be to allow each country to focus on core differentiation. Let Paris be the food-tech capital, Stockholm the reference for fintech, Berlin the digital-health hub and Lisbon the go-to place for cleantech." Read the entire article at  https://www.ft.com/tour. https://www.ft.com/content/6a1f0046-4ede-11e8-a7a9-37318e776bab 


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