Fernanda Torre

Experience Design Group premieres at Kulturnatt

On the 25th of April we premiered in Kulturnatt the newly re-created Experience Design Group with the project “The democratic future of Hammarby Sjöstad”.

This was a dynamic evening where a select group of influential citizens, politicians and other officials were lead by professionals from The Experience Design Group to imagine possible futures for the Hammarby Sjöstad community.

Using a powerful method for sparking imaginative visions of our future, citizens and politicians could openly co-create a future beyond the traditional ways of public participation, long sought after goal of the co-organizer Sjöstadens Hembygdsförening.


The Experience Design Group, is a one time Pop-Up Agency, founded by graduates and former faculty of the Master of Fine Arts programme at Konstfack, The University College of Art, Craft and Design (2009-2014), consisting at the moment of: Fernanda Torre, Max Kleijberg, Pomme Van Hoof, Erika Tanos, Ronald Jones and Christer Lundahl & Martina Seitl.

 Read more on The Democratic Future of Hammarby Sjöstad in the portfolio entry here

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