Fernanda Torre

The gig-economy in Almedalen

I participated in a panel discussion on the gig-economy, which took place in Almedalen 2018.

Almedalen week is known as as the time when different actors in politics an civil society get together in Visby, in the island of Gotland, to discuss the most pressing issues affecting Swedish society and the world.



The panel discussion was organized by the Swedish ESF Council and aimed to address challenges related to the emergence of the gig-economy, a term used to describe the trend of companies tending to hire independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees. The panel was moderated by Peter Salander, and had the participation, besides Fernanda Torre, of Annika Rosing (Swedish ESF Council), Maria Dalhage (Arbetsförmedlingen) Fredrik Söderqvist (Unionen), Andreas König (Justarrived) and Jacob Rudbäck (Yepstr).

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